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CSNS - My day in heaven!


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Today was a great day at the CSNS show! It was by far the largest show I've ever been to.


Started off by picking up some free copies of various magazines/papers. Also snagged two elongated cents, hand struck token, and screw press struck token (as seen in jkaros' goodies thread). It was pretty cool to watch them being made. Doesn't look like much pressure was used on the screw press but boy did the token come out great.


After that we (dad, grandpa, and myself) started browsing the tables. We got there at 10am, opening time, and dealers were already packing up! That kind of put me in a not-so-good mood right away. After the first few tables, that went completely away. Seeing a PR67 UCAM Barber quarter would put a smile on anyone's face. Not only did I get a smile but I'm sure my face looked like: :ninja: as well.


Before I bought any coins I decided to hit ICG's table. They were having a coin grading workshop. With no line, no waiting, I decided to give it a try. The grader I worked with was none other than Cameron Kiefer. Of course the pile of 10 coins I get are all gold, my worst coins to grade but if I'm getting instructions from some experts it's worth it. Out of 10 coins I correctly graded 5 out of 10 spot on. Not bad considering I've only handled two gold coins EVER and know barely anything about them. The knowledge and experience gained was fantastic. Cameron went over why coin A grades higher than coin B and coin C. I never knew the grading process was so complicated. Also picked up the ANA grading video and a sample slab from ICG as well. Great looking slabs, one of my favorite.


Now I went to the show with $100 that I was burning a hole in my pocket (meaning it would be gone if I saw a coin I liked, no second guessing) plus some extra. I left with a gold/rose toned BU 1938-D Buffalo Nickel and 1892 toned Columbian Expo half. Spent a lot less than I figured I would, worked out deals on both coins.


Overall it was a great trip. I've never seen so many graded coins in one place! One table even had hundreds, if not nearing 2000 slabbed gold coins. Talk about one expensive inventory.


Below are pictures of the two coins I did purchase:






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is it me, or are your photos all blurry on the top right hand side?


Nope, it's not you. I think it is due to using two lenses to get good enough detail. My next purchase other than coins will be a high quality macro lens (single). These add-ons cause a blurring effect.

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I was hoping to run into you--sounds like you saw the same 'conversion experience' Barber I mentioned in my first post. :ninja:


Sounds like you had a good day too!

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