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CSNS Day 2--"Aigh! Not another one!"


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Hey, I'm a billionaire now--in Weimar hyperinflation marks. Oh, well--it's the thought that counts, I suppose. I don't collect paper money as a rule, but the hyperinflation notes were irresistable. Also got an interesting note from 1919: Five Polish Marks. I assume it's a transitional currency between the reinstatement of a sovereign Polish state and the introduction of the modern złoty.


No General Sikorski 10 złoty--at least not that I found. Still, Poland ruled the purchases today in an unexpected flurry that inspired the title of today's journal.


I love bins. You know, the 25c each/5 for a dollar things. I had just finished rifling a box of Brits, surfacing with an 1868 1/3 farthing--


Okay, a little digression here. A third of a farthing. A third of a farthing. One two-thousand-eight-hundred-and-eightieth of a pound Sterling. That's just showing off, monetarily.


Anyway. There's the bin, just sitting there. I spot a 2 złoty on top and check it against my list--hey, I don't have that one! I see a 1 złoty--two for two!


I pull out six more before I come across one I already have, and then a couple more for my '63 world set.


It's a freakin' gold... er, aluminum mine! My run of the standard Polish coinage from 1968 to 1980 is almost complete now. Some more 1963s. A couple UK two shillings. What a haul!


Oh, and a couple of the "missing monarch"--coins of Edward VIII from East Africa and British West Africa.


I need about a zillion 2x2s now. Yeesh. Pictures later. Here's the swag tally:



1919 5 Polish Marks

1922 1000 Marks overprinted to 1 Billion marks

1923 5 Billion Marks

1923 10 Billion Marks

1923 20 Billion Marks

1940 100 Złotych

1941 100 Złotych

1982 20 Złotych

1988 50 Złotych



2006 CSNS convention token rolled on a Ohio SQ



1923 50 groszy

1958 5 groszy

1968 20, 50 groszy, 1 złoty

1969 1 złoty

1970 1, 2 złote

1971 10 groszy, 1 złoty

1972 50 groszy, 1, 2, 10 (Kosciusko) złotych

1973 2 złote

1974 50 groszy, 1, 5 złotych

1975 10 groszy

1976 10 groszy, 10 (Mickiewicz), 10 (Prus) złotych

1977 10 groszy, 20 (Nowotko) złotych

1978 10, 50 groszy, 1, 2 złote

1979 10, 20 groszy

1980 10 groszy, 1, 5 złotych

1981 5 złotych


1963 World Set:

Argentina 5 pesos

Finland 10 penniä

France 1, 5 centimes

Hong Kong 5 cents

Israel 10 agorot

Jamaica half penny

Thailand 1 baht



1868 1/3 farthing

1936 British West Africa Edward VIII 1/10 Penny

1936 East Africa Edward VIII 10 cents

1951 2 shillings

1957 2 shillings


Oh, and there doesn't appear to be a limit to the number of times you can see a high-relief '07 St Gaudens without it taking your breath away. :ninja:

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Another nice day at the show. That's great. :ninja:

There's a monthly show in Columbus that I didn't even know about until this weekend. My wallet is in so much trouble.


And I bumped into a guy I'd worked with in '04 who had a few interesting bits of news for me. Employment might be a side benefit of the show!

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1923 20 Billion Marks

1940 100 Złotych

1923 50 groszy


Ok I don't know much about currency really, so let me ask this, a billion i understand, but what the heck is a Zlotych and a Groszy note in numbers? Like a billion is 1,000,000,000.......so is a zlotych alot more or did I miss something lol.

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Wow! Another great day for you.


Just found out my Grandpa will be joing my dad and myself tomorrow! His first coin show in.....geez.....probably a decade.


I'm jealous lol. I live so far from Pittsburg, PA (about 5 hours) that I never get a chance to get to any of the bigger coin shows in that area...let alone the ones in Ohio and Ny. We have tiny ones around York, but I've never been to them....someday I'll make it out lol.

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