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Any info?


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Was wondering if anyone could help me:


I collected coins when I was younger and I'm only getting back into it now. Was looking through my collection and noticed that I have a very small coin labeled as a 1.5 d with date 1860. The date itself is clear but the value is not: the 1 is clearly visible but the 1/2 is not clear.

Does anyone else have such a coin? I've searched for it online but haven't been able to find mention of it. Perhaps it is incorrectly labeled?


Any help is appreciated! :ninja:

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Hi Nathan

The coin you have is listed in ESC (English Silver Coinage) ref 2260.

It was issued for the colonies and never legal tender in Britain.

It had a mintage of 160,000 and is valued at £5 in Fine to £65 in Unc

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