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Welcome to BCPI – II, otherwise know as BCPI – 2H05. This will be our second and final BCPI competition for 2005. There are some changes over BCPI – I. Let’s take a moment and review them.

    ·You may submit coins as soon as the submission threads are opened
    ·All entries must be made before 22July05
    ·Coin Photographs should be in the Omnicoin database.
    ·Competition will begin on 25July05
    ·Voting for each step of the competition will be active for 4 days
    ·Previous winners are encouraged to enter.
    ·There are six categories. Please enter your coins in only one category.
      ·Hammered Coins
      ·Milled Coins – Pre 1816
      ·Coppers & Tokens

    ·Winners will be selected in each category

    ·Category winners will go on the Overall BCPI Championship

    ·Prizes within each category will be as follows:

      ·1st Place - 20 Guineas CP Note
      ·2nd Place - 10 Guineas CP Note
      ·3rd Place - 5 Guineas CP Note
      ·Overall Champion will be awarded a complete set of CP Guniea Notes (20,10,5)

    ·Copies of the notes are posted below.

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How many coins may be submitted per category, per submitter?


I'll start with three in each category I want to enter, if that's okay with you, boss :ninja:


edit to add: Never mind the question ... I see in the submission threads we can enter as many as we want. Sorry ... should have read those first ;)

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Please get those entries in. It seems like a long time 'till the deadline, but it will go fast.



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  • 3 weeks later...

Right entries have closed* (technically, see below) and i'll try and get them started tomorrow as i like to run them from sunday to saturday, due to too many other commitments during the rest of the week.


*I would however be very appreciative of two other copper coins/tokens being entered into that section to make it up to 8, bascially because 6 will end up with an odd one out at some stage and i want to avoid groups of three if i can.


I've already filled the last hammered place to make that upto a nice round 8. Decimal and silver will work well on 4.


Gold and Early milled have been dropped.

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