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1943 Steelie Giveaway

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I recently purchased two rolls of 1943 steelies. They're all P-s and none are perfect. Probably most would grade VG-F with a few VF to XF. Here's the deal, I'll pick the 10 best out of the two rolls. Post here for one, if you want. If I get more than 10 requests, I'll either pickout more "nice" ones or hold a drawing.



Have fun.

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Giveaway ends Saturday 29April at 8AM EDST. Please pm your mailing address, unless you know that I already have it.

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OK the steelie giveaway is over.


BiggAndyy - mailed 04May06

Eagleeye - mailed 04May06

Spain_number1 - mailed 04May06

Kat - mailed 04May06

Joanjet - mailed 29Apr06

Henare - mailed 29Apr06

Zach - mailed 04May06

TheKidCollector - mailed 04May06

Corina - mailed 04May06


I'll dig through this weekend to get something "nice" and put it in the mail on Monday or Tuesday. I need to get stamps and envelopes.

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Sorry for the snag but I couldn't get to Staples and the PO today for envelopes and stamps. I'll try harder for tomorrow.

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