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More Coins please!

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Right one week left to enter, the intial run of entries is over, so the limit restrictions per category no longer apply, you can now enter as many coins as you want in any category, up to the category limit.


In every category i've added a post on the end stating how many coins have been entered in that category so far and how many we still need to make up a new category. One category in particular needs alot of entries.


Unfortunately this season the loadings have been a bit of a nightmare number wise as they were all falling between two acceptable numbers, meaning either 10 coins would have to be culled from a category or another 22 entered! This was happening quite a bit and i'm unable to fill the gaps as my scanner has expired and refuses to work, so i can't even do the gap filling i used to do.


Therefore this season the base number of 8 has been abandoned and a new base number of 12 has been adopted (which will require a slightly different approach in Round 1) however, it has narrowed down alot of the gaps that need filling by some considerable distance, except for the 19th century where we either need to lose 3 coins or add 21 coins.



But you only have a week to do this!

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How does the rule of twelve work?



As follows;


In Round One coins go through in threes, Whatever coin comes out with the highest score goes into 'Group A', Whatever coin comes second goes into 'Group B', the last coin is kicked out altogether.


Groups A and B then will follow the old pattern quite nicely.


So take a category with 24 coins in it, 24/3 = 8. There will be 8 winners, and 8 in second place and 8 booted out.


A/Bs then go through to Round 2 where A's and B's will be paired up into twos (but not with a coin they've fought before), and voting will continue in the old way based upon the rule of 8.


Dunno if it'll work as well as the 8 system but it was one way to try and sort of the major entry shortages that i was suffering on the old system there. I didn't really want to force people to drop coins to make nice numbers but yet in some catergories such as Medieval, Early Modern etc. I figured with entries like 17, rounding up another 15 coins might prove tough. So i found a way around it!

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Interesting. Should work out good and it sounds like a good way to give more options as to the number of coins per category. :ninja:



Well i hope so, alot of problems with PCI have been smoothed out over the seasons, but i figured the biggest issue was the category size. I mean 8 to 16 isn't such a massive jump, but 16 to 32 is quite a way, 32 to 64... well good luck at rounding up the coins if you get a group with 38 coins entered!



There are a few other ways of doing it, (notably following the 8 times table) and doing a pyramidal decline, groups of 5, 4, 3, 2 etc. as each round goes on, but it seems somewhat of a handful.

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Base twelve numbers;


12, 24, 48, 96 etc.


Theoretically Stujoe any of these can be times by three again (if my calculations are correct) and that would mean that Rounds 1 and 2 would go through as groups of three.


8 x 3 = 24

12 x 3 = 36 (gives 24 as A or B and 12 evicted)*

24 x 3 = 72 (gives 48 as A/B and 24 evicted)**

48 x 3 = 144 (gives 96 as A/B and 48 evicted)***




*24/3 = 8 back to rule of 8.

**48/3 = 16 back to rule of 8

***96/3 = 32 back to rule of 8



There's probably a few other ways of doing it but some are confusing (they work but they aren't clear), others theorectically should work but i haven't figured out the numbers yet.

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I've added more to all the categories I could. Helping out with the early stuff is beyond my reach.



Yeah the early stuff is always the problem, always has been, i dare say it always will be. Anyhow thanks alot for being the filler in this time! (I really do think we've switched places this season!) :ninja:

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Are you locking the threads Stujoe?


I was gonna do them, but then i realised that some people have to add pictures to them! So might be best to leave those few open (although not accepting any more entries).


I think the 'Modern' one is full and all have pictures so that can stay locked.

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Guest Sasquatch

Yeah. Sory about that. I saw you post something about wanting them locked but not knowing how or not being able to or something so I went ahead. :ninja: I guess you figured it out. :lol:

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