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Nickels and other things

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Shipping will vary...$1.00 for the notes. The other stuff will start at $1.50 and go up if needed according to weight.


Jefferson nickels...


1943-S, silver war nickel, MS-65 4 steps - $10.00 (SOLD)

1945-D, silver war nickel, MS64 great lustre - $8.00 (SOLD)

1959, MS64 a couple small strike through errors on reverse, full steps - $8.00

1950-D, MS63/64 full steps, some electric blue toning on both sides - $22.00 (SOLD)

1965, MS64 small lamination on cheek - 50¢

1973-D, MS64+ full step - $2.00

1951-S, MS65 - $4.00

1945-P, silver war nickel, MS65 close to full steps - $8.00 (SOLD)


1971, MS64/65 hard strike, would be full steps but has a hit or two on the steps - $3.00


1975, MS64+ light blue - 50¢

1948-D, MS65 small retained lamination under eye-close to, if not full steps - $5.00


1943-D, silver war nickel, MS65 or better, close to full step-neat die crack on reverse from rim to top of dome, a bit of rainbow toning at the bottom obverse - $10.00 (SOLD)



Other stuff...


Series of 1874 (fifth issue) 25¢ fractional note that someone laminated in plastic, displays well - $5.00 (SOLD)


Series of 1862 (first issue-straight edges with monogram) 5¢ fractional note, fair condition-has been split at seam and is taped - $4.00


1947 Booker T. Washington US comemmorative half dollar, MS64 - $22.00 (SOLD)


1951-D Booker T. Washington US comemmorative half dollar, Mintage only 7004 pieces struck, MS65 white and lusterous - $175.00


1921-S Walking Liberty half dollar, Nice original F - $140.00

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