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Well, a dime got me here. It is a dime I found on a plantation and actually I believe it was part of a buried teasure that I got to too late. TO make a long story short a couple of guys blew a hole in the river bank across from my grand parents homewhich is located on a plantation. There were always stories about a missing treasure and I think these guys found it because after they left my dad and I walked down the river bank and found a large hole and in the black lose dirt we found an awesome 1851 dime which was minted in New Orleans.


Is it a rare find? What is its value?



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I only collect British, but values for 1851 O seated dimes:


GRADE G F EF AU 60 63 64 65 66 67


1851-O 18 33 164 600 2000 - 4500 - - -


Price is in US dollars.


Hope that was helpfull.

Again you should get it grade by an expert.

Nice find.

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