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That 10 diners piece from 1993 I have. And most of the "Andorran coins" you posted here look neat. Not that they circulate in the country (even the aluminum pieces are made for collectors only), but we do not apply terribly strict criteria to other collector coins either. :ninja:



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There's more `non circulation legal tender' coins in existence than i care to think of. Many of them are quite neat. Many many more however are pure poo!


I think i've got me some of both, but at least the Andorran coins tend to be low mintage and a tad more aesthetically pleasing to the eye than most. I gave up collecting NCLT's a few years back but not before amassing a few hundred or so of them in some shape or form.


I've even got a set of 24 x $50 from the Marshall Islands. Sad eh? Even I cringe when I think I actually bought them (albeit at a significant saving over their current market value). Some coin purchases I actually do regret. Not many...just some. :-)

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