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What's you're collection Style?


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Which of the following most closely resembles your collecting style;





You take a pretty general approach to collecting because you strive for diversity; different looks, different grades, different sizes, different shapes, different countries, different metals and anything that is differently different in a very different way. Your knowledge is limited depthwise but is very broad and across the numismatic playing field.





You find yourself drawn to one series particularly more than anything else and you're quite happy to consider nothing beyond your narrow little focused area/s. You love nothing more than studying the many varieties available of say just one date of coin, you even know where all the stops should be and how far apart they should be to one hundredth of an inch. Your knowledge is somewhat limited numismatically on the broader playing field but when it comes to your specialised area you know it like the back of you hand.





If it's a coin, it's in.

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Wow. Based on the above descriptions, I'd have to say "Generalist" to the extent that I am working on type sets from a few places (US, Victoria UK, George IV UK, Australia, Canada), and UK shillings and florins by type, too. Plus, I have a bunch of coins from a wild beginning of an OFEC collection as well, but those will be re-evaluated shortly to stay more focused (well, I'll try) on all the UK stuff mentioned above.


Okay ... maybe I need a separate category called "Flaky" :ninja:

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Geeze and here it is the weekend and I was doing my best to stay unfocused!!


I guess generalist would apply, even though I specialise in Mercs and small cents, I also have a birth year type set underway for myself and My bride,,


But I also collect or horad other coins , some for trade ,sale and some just because I think they are cool, Like my proof frankies!!


I try to keep or have many different coins to help out my buddies online if I know what they want, I also have a few trading partners that i have developed over the last few years, keeps the stuff changing a little all the time



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Guest Stujoe

I am definitely an Other. I have sets that I enjoy and work on and know quite a bit about but I pretty much acquire that which I like or that interests me regardless of whether I have a place for it in a collection or not. I am much less about beauty and design than I am about history and use. Although design and beauty can play a part and I can appreciate them to a certain extent. But, it is not my focus. I like to read and learn about any aspect of the hobby whether I actively collect in it or not. Knowledge for knowledge's sake.


That is my definition of 'Other'. :ninja:

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I admire the dedicated Specialist but know myself well enough to realize it would leave a very big, empty space in my collecting needs and desires. :ninja:



I dunno i'm getting towards specialist step by step, i'm down to five collections at the moment, all of which require between 8-14 coins for a full set in each.


So i'm getting there... slowly but surely.

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Guest Stujoe

There is no way I will ever try to get there no have the desire to do so personally. I like the diversity and freedom that being an 'Other' affords me. But, I alreasdy know that my collecting style and taste is probably way different than the majority.

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