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British coin collectors............


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I found this commerative recently from a reputable seller, but don't know the coin. I understand it is a quarter ounce of gold, and it was minted in 2000. Anyone know anything more like if the UK government minted it, and anything else? thanks!







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Guest Morning Light

It's beautiful what ever it is. The image of the woman with the lion I’ve seen on another coin but can’t remember the facts about it.

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I don't know who minted it but it wasn't the UK mint.


It uses the `Una and The Lion' design, famous as the Gold proof £5 coin of 1839. Only 400 pieces minted. Exceedingly rare and exceedingly expensive when ever it does come onto the market.


Here's an image of a replica `Una' which is pretty much bang on for detail. Of course, it contained nearly 1.2 ounces of gold.





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