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I am new

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Welcome to CoinPeople.


Your best bet may be to contact a reputable dealer and get an offer from them, especially is the collection is extensive and valuable.


An alternative path is to get some books and begin to research what you have so that you can properly prepare to sell it. Hang around for a while and you can learn a lot. Perhaps you'll even decide to keep the collection and make it the base for your own.


Either way, good luck with what you decide.

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Hi Beth,

Sorry for your lose. Stick around for awhile until you make up your mind what do do. If you decide to keep your fathers collection you will need to learn something about them. If you decide to sell I'm sure your father would want you to get a fair price. So either you have learn something about what you have or trust someone else to steer in the right direction. Either way there's no big hurry so enjoy this site.There's lots of cool stuff to do here! :ninja:

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As I think you've already realized, your first step is to figure out what you have and put together an inventory. The key is not to rush into anything.


Are they US coins, some other country or both? After we know that, we can point you to some good reference books to help you get started.


I know I will get some grief for this statement but... DO NOT take them to a dealer until you know what you have. More than likely, you will get ripped off.

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Welcome aboard Beth!


I'm sorry to hear the loss of your dad. While you might want to sell off his collection, I am sure you would like a fair price of what they are worth.


If it doesn't trouble you a lot and actually have no idea of where to start off with your dad's collection, it does not hurt to post some pictures of your coins in the forum. That way, you can be assured that you are getting what you are supposed to be, and what your dad possibly wanted to give to you.


Perhaps, after lurking around in this forum for some time and fulfilling the requirements, you will be able to sell your coins to the forum members here. That way, not only do you get the satisifaction of making other board members happy, but as well as you getting valuable information of what your dad used to collect. In fact, we have a member here who was in the same situation as you are, and we converted her to a semi collector. :ninja: Note: she didn't have ANY interests of collecting them in the first place. :lol:


A lengthy welcome but I hope that you enjoy your stay here. :cry:

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