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Bought $150 worth of Halves at the Bank this AM!


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In the past 5 years I have gone to the bank only one time looking for rolls of Half dollars.....and came away with maybe two loose rolls worth (20 coins) and you guessed it...no silver. So I go through the drive through to make a deposit today and out of the blue I decided to ask the teller if they had any Half Dollar rolls. After talking with the Vault manager she stated that they did and that I would need to come inside the bank to pick them up. 5 minutes later the vault manager asks me how much I wanted and I said the only thing that popped into my mind......."how many do you have?". She stated $400 dollars worth and I said wow....not that many.....give me $100 worththumbsup2.gif




As they began to place the rolls on the counter I could see they were bank wrapped rolls and my heart sank, assuming that these had been searched and re-rolled by the bank several times over :lol: Just as I began to pay for them I looked over and noticed one of the rolls.......and immediatly asked for another $50 worth :ninja: Can you guess what I saw??? 893applaud-thumb.gif




I had always considered myself a somewhat advanced collector with a descent yearly budget so looking through rolls never felt like my cup of tea, since typically the coins you might find aren't in particularly good shape. Needless to say that after my finds in these rolls I have re-evaluated my position on searching bank rolls and I plan on going back to the Bank on Monday to pick up the other $250 worth acclaim.gif


Total haul:

(15) 40% Silver Halves

(1) 1964 Kennedy Half

(5) Franklin Halves including (1) BU

(1) 1939 Walking Liberty Half :cry:





I can't believe I pulled a nicely circulated walker out of a Bank Roll893whatthe.gif



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Awesome catch, Shane :ninja:

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Great Finds!!!


I'm in the process of opening a bank account at another bank so I can return the boxes of Halves & quarters I plan to search. I'll buy em where I work and return them to a rival bank :ninja:


I hope I am half as lucky as your were :lol:

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