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Speaking of being lucky...


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Recent *HOT* Russian numismatic market meant that good coins often get hogged regardless of whatever price and usually means that crappy coins get left over at ridicious prices.


Fortunately in a recent coin fair, I managed to pick three new Russian coins and one Russo-Polish coin to add to my collection. There were almost nothing left from 20 different dealers (YES, I really mean TWENTY dealers) except for 2 1738 rubles and one 1742 overstruck on 1741 Ionna III rubles that are considered decent but that is definately way over my budget.


It seems that some other people other than I are hogging all the Russian coins that are left in Australia :ninja:


Regardless, here are the pictures:


Russia 1905 5 kopeks (Ag)


Seems to be some extensive die polish but definately strong aUNC


Russia 1913 5 kopeks (Ag)


Nice aUNC there, except this coin is a bit too small to photograph.


Such 5 kopeks are somewhat getting difficult to find in UNC especially in good prices. Most importantly pricewise, I think I managed them at under 10USD for both of them, which I thought is a bargain.


Russia 1897 1 ruble (Brussels Mint!)


The dealer had a lot of them, probably 6 of them, and all of them were around the same grade. I was betting that the dealer definately didn't do his homework and missed something, which I picked! :lol:



The double star that you can see is the mintmark of the Brussels mint, which is indeed quite unusual of why Russia let overseas mints mint their coins.


And finally, one of the uncommon coins to find, is the Polish-"Russo" coinages:


1839 1 grosz



That was my luck in this year's coin fair.


And speaking of being REALLY lucky, here is an auction on ebay that is currently going on: Link


Now I can justify the "cheap" price that I paid in the past... :cry:

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