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Indian Head Cents For Sale

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I have roughly 280 Indian head cents There are some uglies (Prob %10) The have been cleaned or have issues. There are mixed dates from 1859-1909 vwith the majority of them being in the 1900's (prob %60) I don't think there are any good dates (but I don't check them that close) I am sorry but I can't search them for specefic dates. I am just gonna grab as many as you order and toss them in a bag. The only thing I am gonna check for is that I don't send you a bunch of messed up coins. These coins are BID $62 for GOOD or better ROLLS. Most of these coins are F-XF but there are goods and culls.


I am asking $1.25 each for as many as you would like.


Shipping is going to be $2 shipped and insured for 1 or all.




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