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HELP! 1798 Trade Dollar?


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I have a Trade Dollar coin from 1798 with a seated liberty holding an olive branch twoards the West with 13 stars on one side and on the other an eagle holding 3 arrows and an olive branch in his claws. it is marked "420 GRAINS 900 FINE" with a "S" above the "D" in "Trade Dollar". I looked online to source this coin but I could not find any info on it. I only see information about trade dollar coins from 18XX and not 1798. i will attach pics in a few. thanks!




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I never managed to buy these in China, I saw them several times, but I could never get the price down to what I was willing to pay for them, but then on the other hand I could bargain down authentic banknotes and coins everytime. Go figure, they were more inflexible with fakes than the real things.

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