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I don't know if the dtaes that you listed for the silver Eagles hold any premium, but I heard the local coin dealer telling a customer today that his sillver Eagles were priced at $1.85 over spot. I'd imagine that this would be for the most common dates.


I have no idea what the roll of Kennedys would sell for. I'd imagine that right now an original bank roll would go for about spot.

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Tiffybunny's link on silver eagles is probably pretty good, though you might find them a dollar or so cheaper if you shoppped around. Kennedys are so common however that even BU rolls sell for a miniscule premium over melt (though I suppose that might have changed since the last rolls I bought 10 years ago). I would expect those to run maybe $100-110 per roll (melt right now is about 9.2x face).

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