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Entry Threads Are Open

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The entry threads are now open a day earlier than stated elsewhere and will therefore close a day earlier than anticipated.


Entry threads are therefore open from 08/04/06 to the 29/04/06.



The competition will commence either 6th or 7th May, depending upon which day is more convenient.



Only two coins can be entered per category (at present), total number of coins per category will be worked out once several entries have been submitted and i have some idea of the demand in certain areas.

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Question - we indeed do have a seperate catagory for commemorative coins. The question is, what is we have a commemorative coin that was minted in let's say 1800s. Should that be under the commemorative section or the era? Or because it fits under both catagory that double entry is possible? :ninja:



I leave it to your discretion, whichever category you'd prefer to enter it into. It can only go in one or other category though. You can't enter one coin into two categories simultaneously because that'd be unfair.

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Right Jeff that should do it, i put them on my omnicoin account, you might just want to check everything is in the right place though, or incase i've missed any.


Thanks so much for doing that, I really appreciate it. :lol: The only ones I think you missed were my two entries in the exonumia/commem section.


As soon as the first quarter earnings season is over and I have some spare time I will get me an omnicoin account and figure all this stuff out. :ninja:

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  • 2 weeks later...

What have I gotten myself into here?


I leaped before I looked and have no idea

what's going on. :lol:





Have you entered a coin?


If you have then as long as there's picture of the coin and a description of what it is and it's in an appropriate entry thread then i do the rest of the work.


It's a case of sit back and enjoy. PCI is a difficult thing to explain (especially how it works, and especially the maths involved for the person running it!) so if it's your first time witnessing this 'event' then just sit back and watch it unfold, of course once you see how it runs then it'll all make sense. Promise!


Hopefully in the next few days i should be able to post up some 'pairings' or 'a running schedual' of what's going against what and it should clear things up no end.

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