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Beware !! Altered Serial Number


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Just saw one ebay auction item with a China solid 66666666 just ended at won at US$43 by a HK ebay seller. It was won by a USA buyer. My suspicion is that the note may be altered. I am not sure but given the rating of the seller, at least 3/4 of the rating were buyers with "no longer registered status". In fact, all of these buyers were from China.


I heard from my HK friend that these China altered solids banknotes can easily be purchased at about RMB$150 which is US$18. An art piece for your collection. :ninja:

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After 4 years of getting conned for China solid number banknote, I landed myself on such notes again. This time, it is from an ebay South Korean seller. Currently wait for paypal to refund me the money. The verdict is China solid numbers banknotes should never be purchased from ebay. The seller had a batch of these altered serial number China 50 yuan for sales. It seems it comes from a full set of solids which were individually auctioned. Solid numbers from 12345678, 11111111, 22222222, 33333333, 44444444, 5555555, 77777777, 88888888, 99999999. With such tactics, this seems to fool potential buyers, giving the impression that it comes in a set which the seller sincerely want to sell them away. The seller is of good standing in ebay.









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When I was in Hongkong recently a Chinese dealer and a very good friend showed me some specimens of communist notes. He asked me whether I could see something interesting...I couldn't. For me they were all genuine specimens, with 000000 serials and the Chinese characters for specimen. But my friend showed me that the serials and overprints were all fake. He told me that certain persons in China use a kind of chemical to erase the original serial. Then they print a new serial and add the proper characters for "specimen". I was told that now there are much fore fake specimens than genuine ones on the market.



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Wow! This is a fascinating thread! I had to go back and read the whole thing!


I do feel for your loss though. Hope you get your money back quickly.


Thanks Balaji. Still waiting.

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