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Question About State Quarters


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I have been purchasing 2 rolls of each state from the Mint since 2004. I have been thinking about stopping. I get the proof and mint sets every year. Do you think it is worth it to continue to get the rolls until 2008? I know it's a dumb question, but would just like your opinions. Thanks.

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One thing, the business strikes now are different from the uncirculated strikes. So there is three "types" of quarters to collect now.



That brings up an interesting question. What do you get when you buy a roll from the Mint, the frosted or regular circulation finish?

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I get the $25 bags,,, or use to. Stopped after the TN bags. Now I get mine from circulation or the bank. Don't see the individual coins or rolls ever returning to much $,, except for the Wisconsin leaf varieties, which I still think are winners and will someday command a larger premium than the ol' 09svdb cent or 3 legged buff... as the collector base for STQ's is larger and they are much more marketable... Also, hoping fewer bags sold vs. rolls will equate to larger return in the future.,,, TN bags are doing well,,, Del bags also doing very well.

So if your doing it for an investment I'd stop the roll thing now and:

1 - put your $ into the wiscon. leaf varieties

2 - get the $25 bags


If your doing it for fun,,,, keep truckin....

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