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For sale : coins

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Starting to go thru my collections, thinning out what I don't want.


2 Rolls of Circulated 1943 Wheat Steel cents. These have been around, some have rust. Tube included $2 each


Mixed world coins from countries I cannot attribute, IE: Middle East, Arabic writing on them about 3 dozen coins $1.00 for all-SOLD


Barber Quarters

1904-Fr-2 heavily worn but honest $1.50-SOLD

1909 -AG dark mottled toning-$2.00-SOLD

1915-G nice circ$3.00-SOLD


Barber Half

1902-AG+. Good obverse, AG Reverse $7.00


Walker Half

1918-S-AG- $3.00-SOLD


Liberty Head Nickels






all are in G, maybe a VG for a couple of them. $1.50 each


Shipping will be standard stamp rate . 39 cent in the U.S

The rolls will be $1.00




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The steelies are great. There are some that have a fair amount of rust or gunk, but overall they are very nice examples. The price just can't be beat in these days of rapid coinflation. Thanks.

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