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Some coins to sell, as well as silvers.

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Current offer: Prices reduced!

Please feel free to make an offer - it doesn't hurt :ninja:


Postage around the world is 2.00, but will offer discount or throw in free coins when you purchase over 15 dollars. Currency in USD, and you can pay me via Paypal or cash.


You can ask for higher resolution pictures if this is not enough!!! :lol:


Australia 1937 1 crown


Good reference material here: Link

Price: 17.00


British Guiana and West Indies 1910 4 pence


Price: 5.00


Iceland 1936 10 aurua


Price: 6.00


Latvia 1928 1 santims


Price: 4.00




Price: 6.00

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A new silver coin up for sale together with other Aussie and Italian minors:


Russia 1855 25k


Price: 13.00


The rest of the minors can be seen here:



Grab any of the Aussie minor coins for 20 cents each, i.e. 1 dollar for 5 :lol: I probably will get more world coins this weekend. Feel free to make requests of what country you are looking for.


Thanks for looking :ninja:

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Some other coins that I got for sale from the fair I have been to recently. Most of them are priced accordingly to what I paid for after hagging so unless the exchange rate is being cruelly unfair, most of them would be likely to stay at this price or will be part of my collection.


France L'An 7 (1799/1800) 5 centimes. Mintmark A


Interesting edge of >>>>>

Price 10.00


France 1848 1 centime. Mintmark A


Pretty nice.

Price: 7.50


Guernsey 1864 8 doubles


Price 2.50


UK 1816 1 shilling


Price: 3.50


I have other coins up Link. The other coins will go for 50 cents each except for the aussies, which will be 1 dollar for 5 :ninja:


Feel free to make offers. Thanks for looking :lol:

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For me:


Germany 1912 1 mark $2.50

Indo-China 1899 1 cent $2

Mexico 1926 1 peso $7.50

South Africa 1942 1 shilling $1.50


UK 1875 1 penny.

UK 1845 1/4 penny (I think).

And the 5 japanese at the top.

8 * .50 = $4


+$17 for my total :ninja:



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