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Slovenia: Euro Schedule 2006/07


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In a few months Slovenia will most probably introduce the euro. The formal decision has not been made yet, but since the country meets the criteria for adopting the euro and wants to switch as soon as possible, a positive decision is very likely. This is the current EU schedule for the changeover:


May 16: The European Commission and the ECB publish their euro convergence reports for Slovenia.

June 15-16: The European Council votes on admitting Slovenia to the euro area.

July 11: Final decision regarding Slovenia's membership in the currency union.


Provided that the outcome is positive, the national changeover schedule http://www.bsi.si/html/eng/publications/eu...-dopolnitev.pdf (page 16) is as follows:


September 1: Frontloading (to banks) of Slovenian euro coins begins.

December 1: Sub-frontloading (to businesses) of coins begins.

December 11: Frontloading and sub-frontloading of notes begins.

December 15: Distribution of starter kits for individuals (150,000) begins. Each kit/bag contains 44 coins, worth €12.52, and accordingly costs 3000 tolar.

January 1-14, 2007: Dual circulation period - during these two weeks both SIT and EUR cash will be legal tender.


And last, but absolutely not least , "A total of 30,000 sets of euro coins are planned - mainly for numismatists." :ninja:



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