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The Ugly Coin Competition - Week 25


Which one is uglier?  

24 members have voted

  1. 1. Which one is uglier?

    • Tiffibunny's Candyman Cent
    • Stujoe's Yuck FEC

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Stujoe's :ninja: FEC retains the UCC champion title, but this week's challenger is a worthy opponent. Tiffibunny's Candyman Cent is so ugly that it's borderline beautiful. Which one is uglier: the partialy digested FEC or the horror movie cent?


Tiffibunny's Candyman Cent





Stujoe's Holed FEC



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The Bunny's cent is certainly deserving of a funeral and proper burial.


The horrid FEC, however, reallys need to be launched into space, preferably towards the sun to ensure its utter destruction.

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Wow, another hard call, but the FEC still gets the edge because I can imagine what might've happened to the wheatie and the source of the FE's suffering is still a mystery (althought I think akdrv's on the right track with 'partially digested'). The only thing I can think of that could make that poor li'l eagle any worse would be if it was an 1856...

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I voted for the Candyman.


The Cheney cent* is worn and ugly but I would still keep it as a curiosity. The Lincoln is at the ugly point that I would spend it as quick as possible. :lol:




*(He missed the bird. Sorry, I could not resist :ninja: .)

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