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ACCG - Fax Wizard Request


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Dear Group:


Since last March, we have been trying to gain details about the Chinese

request for import restrictions through Freedom of Information Act

requests, but to no avail.


Our suspicions began when coins were listed without further explanation

for potential restriction in an 11 page summary of what purported to be

the request even though we knew that the Bank of China had partnered

with a Chinese entrepreneur to sell the exact same type of coins from

his 500 ton hoard to tourists.


Other Chinese art experts also became suspicious because the

broad nature of the Chinese request (covering Neolithic Times to 1911)

did not square with news reports out of China that the Chinese were only

interested in help in recovering items stolen from tombs.


We have even enlisted the assistance of Congressmen Foley and

Rohrabacher, but we understand that they are also being stonewalled by

the State Department that has told them that the details of the Chinese

requests are "secret."


At this point, we think the only way we are going to get to the bottom

of this is to apply additional political pressure. At a minimum, we hope

that questions about the details about the request will cause the DOS

political appointees, Dina Powell and Karen Hughes, to ask staff

some hard questions about the details of the request and whether proper

processes have been followed.


If you think Government transparency is important, I would urge you to

tell your member of Congress what you think. This can be easily done

using the ACCG fax wizard at the below link.




Its actually interesting to do, takes only about 5 minutes, and is free

(although of course donations to our effort our welcome).


Best wishes,


Peter Tompa

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