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spanish pics contest. ENDED

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I will give: :lol:


For the first winner pic a spanish 1 peseta 1953 AU banknote


And for the second winner pic an Ukraine 2 hvrina 2000 sydney olympics (sailing)UNC.


What you have to do is to put a pic relationated with spain (a flag,a shield, a city, the national team of spain of any sport,a coin, a banknote.....)



Happy contest!!!!! :ninja: And Good Luck!!!!! :cry:

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Hey Zorro was spanish. . . .He was a Don.

Plus the Actor in the Picture. . . . . the first Spanish Actor to play zorro

Banderas was born in Málaga, Andalucía, Spain to José Domínguez, a State Department worker, and Doña Ana Bandera, a teacher; he has a brother, Francisco

Banderas is usually cited as being the most prominant Spanish actor in America. His voice role as Puss in Boots in Shrek 2 made him popular on the family film circuit, and a spin-off movie starring his character is scheduled for release in 2008. He will also star in Take the Lead, a high-school movie about ballroom dancing, currently scheduled for release in April 2006.

I Can see it noe Stujoe and McDoo at the theator fighting over a seat.

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Really nice pics. :cry:


Thanks for the participation!!! i will want to do more contest :lol: but for the moment winners are:


1ºPrize Brett ;) Spain 1 peseta banknote 1953 AU

2ºPrize Tiffibunny :ninja: Ukraine 2 hvrina 2000 olympics sailing. UNC



Send to me your adresses for sending the prizes. ;)


Thanks, ;)

Alfonso ;)

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