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I picked up a 1772 farthing/half penny (Farthing according to the red book half penny according to pcgs. A couple questions. One is about in the red book 2006 page 64 shows groups 1 , 2, 3 I'm thinking group one. Also in the red book it shows the 1772 twice. Is the group one the first one? Also assuming it is.



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It's a halfpenny, Spink 3774, and appears to be the "no stop on reverse" type, if that helps. Redbook is fairly useless for anything British, even the stuff that was circulating British coinage in the colonies.

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I would point out that it was estimated that approx 2/3 (66%) of George 111 1/2ds

in circulation were counterfeit...although these are collectable in their own right.


Currency were 28-30mm and weighed between 9.7-10.3g...anything less its a forgery piece.

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