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I collect Russian and Austria-Hungarian (gold standard 1892-1918) coins by date, mintmark and variety. Also some beautifull imperial Russian medals would be nice,  trying to get one this summer. I am planning to have atleast one album filled before my 100th birthday :ninja:

(I should have plenty of time)



Tane is almost 100 years old? o_O wow...

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I am an absolute Squirrel! If I get a coin with a date/mintmark/error/etc that I do not have, I keep it. (I plan on moving into a storage warehouse eventually. :ninja: )



Me too, except things get darn expensive this way ;-)  So I limited my Germany (Fed. Rep.) collection to "by year" only, ignoring mint marks. Other coins I collect by type.




Yes, that evil pentagram formed by the current 5 mints in Germany is already taking over my euro collection! ;)

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I'm sorry for this question.  I don't know much of the 'coin lingo'. But what does  'type sets' mean?



A very simplified example would be a US cent -type set. One would not look at the year of the coin, but the different types or designs of 1 cent coins: Lincoln w/memorial on reverse, Lincoln w/wheat ears on reverse, Indian head cent, Flying eagle cent, etc. Some people also consider different metal content as differing types. Thus a pre-1982 and post 1982 would be two differnt types. The steel cents from 1943 would be another and so on....


No need to apologize for a question. That is what this is all about.

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well,mainly U.S. coinage (key dates) but here lately the dark side has been calling  :ninja:


"Skywalker, this is your father, eh. Surrender to the darkside of the Force, you knob."


A favorite line of mine from Dave Thomas in "Strange Brew", the comedy film featuring the McKenzie brothers characters.

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