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GOETZ: K-176 German-American Note Exchange

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K-176 Wilson, Deutsch-Amerikanischer Notenwechsel (Wilson, German-American Note Exchange)

1916, Cast Bronze, 58mm, UNC/Gussfrisch


Obverse: President Wilson, ¾ left, dressed in armor stamps his seal on a note reading, "Not an Deutsch, unverzug einstell v. d. U-Boot Krieg dabbruc. - Wilson" (Note to Germany, discontinue submarine war without delay, or else diplomatic relations will be severed. - Wilson). To the right, a naked female Justice, with a sword hidden behind her back, holds a pair of uneven scales from which hangs a calendar with date, April 20, 1916. Inscription in border, "Entweder-Oder" (Either-Or).


Reverse: "Deutsche Antwort an Amerika" (German Reply to America). Two armoured hands holding reply, which reads, "Der U-Boot Waffe leisten wir nicht Verzicht! Volk errechtswidrige Methoden England Zaume bricht den Krieg lhr kurztet so lhr stellt die Waffenlieferung ein Wilson will doch der beste Neutrale sein" (We will not refrain from the submarine weapon! England's methods -violate International Law; The war can be shortened by discontinuing the supply of ammunition; Wilson claims to be- the best neutral). Dated, May 5, 1916.

Goetz’ version of the reply did not correspond with the official text of the reply note.



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