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GOETZ: Abolition of the Regency in Bavaria, 1913

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1913, Struck Bronze, 34.5mm, Wt.16g, RR, Stmpl/PP


Obverse: Ludwig III in military uniform, left. Legend: LUDWIG III, KÖNIG V. BAYERN (Ludwig King of Bavaria).


Reverse: Legend: AUFHEBUNG / DER/ REICHSVERWESUNG / AM / 5. NOV. 1913. Below: HEIL DEM KÖNIG! (Abolition of the Regency on Nov. 5th, 1913. Hail to the King!)



On December 12, 1912, Ludwig's father Luitpold died. For the previous 25 years Luitpold had served as Prince Regent of Bavaria on account of the mental incompetence of his nephew King Otto. Ludwig immediately succeeded his father as Prince Regent.


Almost immediately there were certain elements in the press and other groups in society which called for Ludwig to be installed as King of Bavaria instead of Prince Regent. The Bavarian Legislature was not, however, currently in session, and did not meet until September 29, 1913. On November 4, 1913, the Legislature amended the constitution of Bavaria to include a clause specifying that if a regency for reasons of incapacity had lasted for ten years with no expectation that the king would ever be able to reign, the regent could proclaim the end of the regency and the demise of the crown, with such action to be ratified by the Legislature. The amendment received broad party support in the Lower Chamber where it was carried by a vote of 122 in favor, and 27 against. In the Senate there were only six votes against the amendment. The next day, November 5, 1913, Ludwig announced to the Legislature the end of the regency and the demise



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Goetz was good, but as someone who wears glasses, I'm always interested in how a sculptor captures the effect of glasses. Goetz is damned good! Thank you for sharing your collection. I love the work of Goetz.

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