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1727 Catherine I Imperial Russian Rouble - FAKE?


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The colouring of this piece suggests to me that it is of more recent creation. It is quite possible to get just about anything you want in Russia these days for a pittance of the catalog price if you are willing to sacrifice authenticity as a prerequisite for your desire.

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Probably would have grabbed my attention earlier if this was in the Russian coin forum.


If you can tell me why this is genuine, I am interested to know why. Unfortunately, it is worth nothing more than junk metal and unless you would like one for a type set and replace it later with a genuine coin, you shouldn't bother.


As well as, I can recognize that coin is from a particular seller from Germany.


Am I wrong? :ninja:

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As stated by Scottishmoney and gxseries, this piece is a fake.


The "coin" is a caricature of the real thing.


But what condemns it beyond all doubt is the date. Catherine I rubles exist as bust left and bust right types. Her coins were struck only 1725-1727.


The coins were first struck facing left until sometime in 1726 when they were changed and then struck facing right. This forgery faces left and is dated 1727, a date which was only struck facing right.


The forger obviously doesn't know very much about the things he is faking.

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