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Why are there so many pretty coins?


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The 19th centurt Americas have some awesome coinages. Especially as the countries won independance, the early coins are quite beautiful. Many are very similar to the USA coinage, very much oriented towards liberty. Others have that cool sun. Gack, I'm getting way too tempted.


Some examples:







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They're great coins. I guess the image of the country was important to the folks in charge of designing and issueing the coins.

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Are these yours?? I have looked at these before as these are the coins I will be looking for when I complete my 20th set. These are real nice examples! I almost got that Peruvian peseta once, but was outbid near the end.


No, these are from the current Ponterio auction. It will be held in conjunction with the CICF at the end of March. Ponterio consistently has the best seldction of coins form the Spanish speaking Americas that I have seen. So if you are in the market definitely peak at their auctions.

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