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Numismatic Match Game

Guest Stujoe

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Guest Stujoe

Just a thought I had...dunno how it will go over...


The Rules: Post a coin picture that has some kind of relation to the preceding coin picture that was posted and let us know what that relationship is. This could be a design element, denomination, date, mint mark, etc. Heck, it could even be the same designer or some historical connection, whatever. All you have to do is post the coin pic and what the relationship is. World coins, US Coins, Exonumia, etc are all welcome.






For this coin it could be another coin with an Eagle or a coin with a Balding Guy or a guy with long hair or a coin with an Bell or a coin from 1948 or a Denver Mint coin or a coin with another person from that point in history or another half dollar or...I think you get the idea. :ninja:


Your turn...

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Here's another eagle. This time it's on a medal from the US Mint. It's a National Wildlife series medal with Teddy Roosevelt on the obv.


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Nekkid lady :ninja:



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