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okay, Morgan collectors; you sold me!


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Man, I've sat here and drooled over the many beautiful Morgan dollars that you guys have shown lately. I don't own any Morgans, but I do remember my mother showing me one when I was a kid; apparantly her grandfather gave it to her. What a neat memory to have of a loved one, and i'm sure my mother still has that coin.

If I were to spend around $150 on a pre-slabbed (ANACS, NGC, or PGCS) Morgan, which would be the best date/mint for my money? Bear in mind, I want to get the full package: decent year, great condition (MS63 or above if possible), and a lower mintage coin. I look forward to your opinions!






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Guest Stujoe

I doubt you are going to get many scarcer date coins in 63 for that price range but I am no expert in teh area, thatg is for sure. You could get a common one (1880-S, 81-S, etc) in around 64/65 for that price, I imagine. A CC is a cool coin but you would have to go up in price or down in grade, I would think..

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