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Your Favorite Coin


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Guest Stujoe

I could post all my Buffs as they are all Cold Dead Hands stuff. But, single coins...I can't see this one ever going in anyone's collection but mine:








And, of course, and no surprise to those who have been around a while...









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beautiful Morgan!  I'm clueless to collecting Morgans, so may i ask what condition it was graded, and is it a scarce issue?  thanks!


Although it has a very low mintage , compared to other Morgans the 81-CC isn't that scarce, esp in highr grades, most were in government vaults for decades, being released to the public in the 60's & 70's


As for grade, the is a grading challenge with this coin here


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Guest Stujoe
:cry: Choose a favorite!  Out of thousands???  ;)


That is a problem for me too. It can change on any given day also. Heck, I even had to cheat to respond to the thread. :lol: I only posted a picture of one but linked to a couple of others and mentioned an entire set. :ninja:

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Its not the most beautiful piece in my collection, but its got lots of history. They do come better, but they cost several thousand more than I paid for this one and they don't necessarily have any more character.


A Charlemagne denier ca. 800.



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I agree its difficult to pick a single favorite. This one's in my top 10 for sure...



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What a difficult question! I would certainly want to keep all my Saints, plus this coin:





But then I'd also want to hang on to this coin:





But if I kept that one, I'd surely have to keep this one:





Oh the Humanity!!!! :ninja:

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My favorite US coin so far ... (well, it's one of these two)




My favorite non-US coin is either this one ...



... or this one ...



... or maybe ...



... there are so many, it's hard to pick just one :ninja:

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So hard to pick, but I'll take one from the 1799 column, one from the 1830 column, and one from the 1851 column (that toning has so obviously damaged that cent that I'm sure I'd being doing the Auldfartte a big favor). I guess that would make me a US collector again. (Don't get started, don't get started on that again. Repeat three times.) Very nice coins guys (I'd add all the gals, but it seems the Bunny can't make up her mind. Everyone knows ying and yang is Beatles and Buffet, Harrison and Lennon, Joel and Garcia.)

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And life ain't all Beatles, there's got to be some Metallica too.  :ninja:

Now, if there's ever a Jerry Garcia commemorative, just clear out of the way and nobody will get hurt, except for eardrum damage from the sonic boom as I pass. :lol:


If I had to pick a drop-dead favorite? Oh, jeez. If push came to shove, the only "cold dead fingers" ones are the sentimental ones--the Morgan from my great grandmother, the large cent from my dad, the Canadian 50c red-tailed hawk proof from a former partner. The rest of them give me pleasure to have them, but they're just metal.


That doesn't mean that there wouldn't be a LOT of kicking and screaming long before we got to the "cold dead fingers" phase. :cry:

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