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1 Poltinnik 1924-1927


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1 Poltina 1924 T.P. (London Mint)



1 Poltina 1924 П.Л. (Leningrad Mint)


These beautifull coins depicting a smith, were one of the first coins of the newly formed Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, the Soviet Union. They are same size as the imperial Russian coins, weighing 10 grams and being made of 900/000 fine silver. They were the last big silver coins issued for circulation in th USSR.

In 1924, part of the mintage (about 40.000.000 pcs) were made in London due the great demand of silver coins and poor capacity of the Mint of Leningrad. Later on the coins were minted only in Leningrad. Coins made in London have slightly differend look to the Russian ones, and they bear initials of british mintmaster Thomas Ross.

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