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Check these Out


Pic #1: Turkey 10 Kurus Die crack Coingallery_23_96_3844.jpg


Pic#2: My 1974d US MDD Ike (Look At the Red Arrows to See the Errors)



Pic #3:A 1883 Die Filled Spanish/Philippines 20 Centavos (Look At the First 8 in the date)gallery_23_96_8916.jpg


Pic#4:My 1831 Error Portugal 40 Reis



Pic#5: My toned 1856 turkey coin



Pic#6: My 1982 Philippine 5 Sentimos (Got this on my First trip There)


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Well Just Picked Up a 1944d US-Philippine Coin With a Die Crack In it


Look In the Red Box To See the Crack



A negative Scan of the US-Philippine COin



And A 1981d Unc SBA Includes A case with a cetificate Of Authenticity





And A Pic Of The cetificate Of Authenticity


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Picked this Silver mongolia 1000 Togrog up two days ago


one thing about this coin that i really like is that the G in mongolia has a crack in the center


Here's a negative scan of the G




Here's the front and back of the coin






Another error coin for the collection only paid $12 for the coin :ninja:

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Well the Ike Was the First Error Coin In my Collection


Here's Is one Of My New Coins To Add  to My Collection That i bought Yesterday :ninja:





I hope this coin wasn't expensive... they are very cheap in Germany! What did you pay for this one?



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Care to explain the Breen 2211 designation? I'm seeing what appears to be a die crack between the S and 5.


It's not a die crack,it it's a tiny piece of metal that was transfered onto the coin when the die struck the coin and the guy who sold it to me thinks it could be a repunched 5 also


as for the breen 2211 it's some sort of title only for this type of coin what it means is beyond me, but never the less a neat error coin

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