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Ocala Coin Club 2006 Wooden Nickels


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Hello gang. I have five extras. So the first five folks who post a request here get one each.



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OK gang I'll leave this offer until tomorrow morning and then it's closed. I have a request from a Cub Scout troop for the remaining nickels.


So far:

BobbyCoin - sent 07Mar06

Ray - sent 07Mar06

Alfonso -- I'm waiting for a SQ shipment to arrive. If I get the WVA quarters I'll include them with the wooden nickel.

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I would like to request one on Stu's behalf because I doubt he's seen this thread.  :ninja:



OK -- one for Stu and one for the Bunny..



That's it all gone.......



I'll get some more in about a month - I think. The cub scouts have been hitting us for these big time. Lots of kids working on coin collecting badges. That's great news.

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