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My new pictures topic *Lots of Pics*


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Just got back from the car show and had some spare time to mess with lighting and such. Found an old, large tripod that allows for lots of movement. With the tripod it allows for super steady pictures (haven't figured out the timer function yet). Like I said, comments and suggestions are welcomed. Slabs are a lot harder to do then proof coins. Slab + proof = headache!


First we have my UNC 2006 ASE:




Next my 1900-O Morgan:




1912-D Dime:




1971-S Ike (Brown Box) Proof:




1974-S Ike (Brown Box) Proof:



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Guest Stujoe

Pics are looking good! One thing I see is a slight white balance issue. The 2x2's and the coins somethines having a yellowish tint leads me to say that. You might be able to adjust that in the camera or post-picture through a graphics program.




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I agree with Stu - mess around with the white balance to get the silver to actually look like silver rather than having that "brassy" color. You could also use Photoshop or something similar to accomplish the same thing. Experiment with it - it's fun!!! Other than that, the pics are nice. Good detail. Also look for that thread that Tiffibunny started about the lighting. She found some great bulbs that do not distort the color of the coins.

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No problem. They are looking really good, though. Proofs are especially hard for me.


I found with the slabs that if I prop them up a little bit I can get a much clearer picture. Finger nail clippers work well :ninja:

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I'm going to try and find two more cheap desk lamps and play with the lighting some more.


Odd thing is, my best pictures come when the light is behind both camera and coin. Any place else and the coin is yellow (like the first pics).

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