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Are You a Penny Picker-Upper?


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I am definitly a penny picker upper.....any change for that matter. I dont think they should get rid of the penny.....what would you get in change for something that is 99 cents? I always look at it this way.....yes it is ONLY a penny and I know so many people who will drop one and not bother to pick it up......but I have a jar that I am saving for Arwen.....and a good portion of it is change that I find on the ground. If you picked up, for your whole life all the pennies or change you find on the ground and just threw it in a jar....you may be surprised in your lifetime how much money you just may acquire.


BELLEVUE, Wash. – July 14, 2004 -- Loose change accumulates in our pockets, purses, dresser drawers, between sofa cushions, and in coin jars. For Sylvester Neal of Auburn, Wash., pennies are his passion, collecting more than one million before cashing in most of them at a Coinstar machine and receiving back $7,921.41. Now having started on his second collection, Neal has accumulated more than 700,000 pennies in less than three years.


“I have always loved pennies,” said Neal. “I probably collect more coins than the average person, but I don't know of many people who do not have some sort of a jar or container of coins at home. While I have always appreciated coins and their value, even pennies, most people do not realize their accumulated change could add up to a small fortune.”


Neal is not alone in his admiration for the penny. Coinstar's 2003 National Currency Poll revealed that 71 percent of Americans are in favor of keeping the penny in circulation. Eighty percent of the respondents replied that they would pick a penny up off of the street.


While most people may not accumulate as many coins as Sylvester Neal, Coinstar's poll revealed that more than 80 percent of American homes keep a coin jar or other container with stored up change. Since Coinstar's inception, the company has processed approximately 129 billion pennies, and data indicates that millions more are out of circulation. In fact, the latest estimates indicate that $10.5 billion in change (including pennies) is sitting idle in American homes – that represents approximately $99 per household.

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I'm a picker upper, but only if it is facing obverse side up.


My Fiance won't pick up a penny if it is face down either but she will turn it over so someone else can pick it up and get the good luck! :ninja:

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