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Let's see some Morgans.......

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Ok...I am going to try to save my toned morgans for the other thread.......so here is a nice little Gem + Specimen I cherry picked off Ebay. I comes with a neat story as well....


I saw this one listed on Ebay probably an hour into the auction.....it had a BIN that was dirt cheap considering the grade..... ;)


It was in an Old PCI Photo Certified Slab and was graded MS66. I think the secret is out on these old slabs now in that PCI could actually grade back in the 80's and early 90's so an PCI MS66 back then has a good shot at being a NGC/PCGS MS66 today.


The seller was a Vintage watch dealer and did not sell coins for a living so he set his reserve at just over $100 dollars. He included excellent pictures of the coin...and I could tell right away that miss Liberty had one of the cleanest cheeks I had ever seen on a Morgan. I figured if the coin was an MS65 then I was paying about market price for it, but if it was indeed a 66 then cha ching.


I hit the BIN and then waited for the coin to arrive. It was as advertised and it was one of those few almost completely white coins that you could tell had not been dipped or messed with.....luster for days.....and very clean surfaces. It was a Lock MS66 and if not for a few marks on the reverse......might have had an outside shot at MS67.


I took the coin with me to FUN in Fort Lauderdale this year to get some opinions on it. Everyone that saw it including David Hall said it was a 66 so I submitted it PCGS and about a month later...it arrived housed in a new PCGS MS66 holder :ninja:


The interesting thing was that I shopped the coin around while still in the PCI holder and dealers wouldn't touch it....heck they wouldn't even look at it? I guess the old addadge held true in this case...I bought the coin and not the holder........so my $100 bucks turned into probably $400+ if I were to ever sell it.


Sorry for the long story but I feel the history or pedigree of a coin is as important as the image posted ;)




The spots of toning that are visable are almost invisable on the coin...but for some reason the scanner made them really stand out?

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"Sorry for the long story but I feel the history or pedigree of a coin is as important as the image posted"


coin+story=1 bitchin' post. Purdy lady!

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Ooh, what a coin and what a story! When people show pictures of coins like this, it makes me to feel like starting to collect US-coins too.


Have to be carefull when reading these :ninja:

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My 2 toned Morgans are not real impressive but they are sisters. ;)


I didn't start out with monsters and hey...they look nice to me!!!


I'll show you my twins since your reminded me of a pair I recently purchased from two seperate dealers!!! Dates almost match yours :ninja:





Both "O" mints....


The left coin is an 1885-O NGC MS63*

The Right coin is an 1884-O NGC MS64

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Here is the 1899 (P) I am offering for sale to ovrundr-there is some toning bottom obv, top rev.







Two different scans of the same coin. I couldn't get more light on the scan to show the toning as well as I wanted :ninja:


Ciao, and Hook 'em Horns,

Capt-AWACS, Womanizer, Pilot, Cat-Owner, Golfer, Texan

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They are originally and supposed to be shiny silver.  These are "toned" pieces which basically means tarnished.


Yup Tiff said.


If they are tarnished like these, LEAVE THEM! A lot of these coins sell for a premium over blast white ones. Certain people like those wild colors while others like a little gold around the edge.

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