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What's your temperature?

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Post your outdoor temperature and state/country in which you live on this thread for a chance to win some uncirculated coins. You'll get 4-5 coins including a 1962 New Zealand half penny, a 1960's era British halfpenny, and whatever else that I have around here. An example of the 1962 NZ half penny is shown below, yours will be just as nice.




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Southern Illinois in the US


8 degrees F

-7 degrees F wind chill


There was some snow on the ground this morning. It was about 60 earlier in the week and should be back in the 50ies by Wednesday.

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Columbus, Ohio. Temperature: not enough. :ninja:


It's 7°F/-14°C with a wind chill around -4°F/-20°C. I'm going to be curling up on the couch soon with several blankets, two cats, and a chocolate lab.

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Dew Point:32° Relative Humidity:73%


Today's High Temp: 41° - 10:18 <--- Right now

Today's Low Temp: 33° - 05:29

Today's High Wind: 21 mph - 09:58


Going up to Mt High tonight for a night run (Snowboarding). There it is:

Skies Light Snow as of last observation ( 2/19/06 7:28am )

Temp 24°F

Winds NNW @ 0mph

Wind Chill 24°F

Humidity 98%



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