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Random US Displays

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(1) US Indian Head Collection Box for an IHC, Buf Nic and Sac

(Box with card that has Three holes filled with three capsules. One for an Indian Head Nickel, one for a Sac and one for an Indian Head Cent.) $0.50


<s>(2)</s> Folder for US Liberty Collection. Large folder with insert with holes for a Peace Dollar, A Walking Lib Half, a Liberty Quarter, a V Nickel and a Merc Dime. $0.25 Sold


<s>(3)</s> Littleton "Archival Quality" Lincoln Cent 1909 - 1958 Album $1 Sold


No coins included in Lots. Pictures apon request.


Make me an offer, Any offer accepted. I dont want these, but I dont want to just throw them away.


Buyer pays exact shipping,



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