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Coin Market The Game

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Coin Market The Game: Thanks to bahabully for this idea is spawned from his post.


Here is the game:


Get out your 2006 Redbook, look through it, find the coins you like, more importantly (in this game at least) pick the coins you think will be worth MORE in the 2007 Redbook.


You have $500,000 to spend, You can spend it on any combination of Coins, Tokens or Sets.


This might take a while to do but it should be a lot of fun when the next Redbook comes out! To list your entry please list:


1. The coin you are buying with Date, mint mark, Type, ect

2. The grade of the coin you are buying

3. List the number of coins of that type you are buying in Parentheses ( )

4. The Price of the coin in the 2006 Redbook.

5. The total price of that type (not needed if only buying 1)

6. The page it is in your 2006 Redbook in Square Brackets [ ]


Also please list the type of redbook you have (Spiral or hardback) in your post. Then add up your purchase and list the total. It should be no more then $500,000


Examples: (These Examples are from the 2005 Redbook)


I have the Hardbound Redbook

1879CC $10 Gold Eagle vf-20 (2) $8,500 $17,000 [226]

1794 Nml head Half Cent AU-50 (1) $7,000 [79]

2000S Proof Sacagawea Dollar pf-65 (1000) $10 $10,000 [200]


When the 2007 RedBook comes out we will "sell" all the coins back and the person with the most money will win...


An UNK 2006 Silver American Eagle


Have Fun!! :ninja:


If you don't have a 2006 Redbook and you would like to participate check your local Library or spend the day at your local Book Store.



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By what date do we have to enter?


Looks like the New Redbooks are set to release on April 18, 2006. So I will make the deadline 12 noon April 1, 2006 PST.


Do we post the entries in this thread or send them to you or both?


That is up to you, If you wish to keep them private, you can PM them to me. Otherwise just post them here.



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<table border="1"> <tr height="17"> <td height="17" align="left"><b>Coin</b></td> <td align="center"><b>Page</b></td> <td align="center"><b>Grade</b></td> <td align="center"><b>Price</b></td> <td align="center"><b>Quantity</b></td> <td align="center"><b>Extended Total</b></td> </tr> <tr height="17"> <td height="17" align="left">1921-S Buffalo Nickel</td> <td align="center">128</td> <td align="center">VG</td> <td align="center">$110.00</td> <td align="center">1724</td> <td align="center">$189,640.00</td> </tr> <tr height="17"> <td height="17" align="left">1921 Mercury Dime</td> <td align="center">150</td> <td align="center">VG</td> <td align="center">$65.00</td> <td align="center">1724</td> <td align="center">$112,060.00</td> </tr> <tr height="17"> <td height="17" align="left">1921-D Mercury Dime</td> <td align="center">150</td> <td align="center">VG</td> <td="115" align="center"> <td align="center">$115.00</td> <td align="center">1724</td> <td align="center">$198,260.00</td> </tr> <tr height="17"> <td height="17" align="left">2005 Silver Eagle</td> <td align="center">326</td> <td align="center">Unc</td> <td="3" align="center"> <td align="center">$12.00</td> <td align="center">3</td> <td align="center">$36.00</td> </tr> <tr height="17"> <td height="17" align="left"> </td> <td align="center"> </td> <td align="center"> </td> <td align="center"> </td> <td align="center"> Total Spent </td> <td= align="center"> <td align="center">$499,996.00</td> </tr></table>

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<table border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0"> <tr height=5 bgcolor="#FFAA00"> <td colspan=6></td> </tr> <tr bgcolor="#FF0000"> <td align="left"><font color="#FFFFFF"><b>Coin</b></td> <td align="center"><font color="#FFFFFF"><b>Page</b></td> <td align="center"><font color="#FFFFFF"><b>Grade</b></td> <td align="center"><font color="#FFFFFF"><b>Price</b></td> <td align="center"><font color="#FFFFFF"><b>Quantity</b></td> <td align="center"><font color="#FFFFFF"><b>Extended Total</b></td> </tr> <tr bgcolor="#FFFFFF"> <td height="17" align="left">1927-D Double Eagle</td> <td align="center">[261]</td> <td align="center">MS-63</td> <td align="center">$500,000.00</td> <td align="center">(1)</td> <td align="center">$500,000.00</td> </tr> <tr bgcolor="#0000FF"> <td colspan=5 align="left"><font color="#FFFFFF">Total Spent </td> <td align="center"><font color="#FFFFFF">$500,000.00</td> </tr> <tr> <td colspan=6></td> <td width=400 bgcolor=""></td> </tr></table><br><br><br>I have the 2006 Spiral Bound Redbook<br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br>:ninja:

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Well, since this is a fantasy, I would buy what I would love to have, though they may not necessarily be the best performers in the 2007 redbook. Here goes:


1907 HR WR $20 MS-63 $26,500

1908-D WM $20 MS-63 $1,200

1920-S $20 MS-63 $65,000

1921 $20 MS-63 $125,000

1923-D $20 MS-63 $750

1924-D $20 MS-63 $7,500

1925 $20 MS-63 $750

1925-D $20 MS-63 $9,500

1926-D $20 MS-63 $22,500

1926-S $20 MS-63 $4,500

1927-S $20 MS-63 $51,000

1929 $20 MS-63 $22,500

1930-S $20 MS-63 $52,500

1931 $20 MS-63 $32,500

1931-D $20 MS-63 $34,500

1932 $20 MS-63 $31,500


That would complete my set with the exception of the 27-D and 33 for $487,700. With the change I would buy 12 1916-S $20 MS-63 @$1,000 each and an 1841 $10 in VF-20 for $300. I have the spiral bound 2006 Redbook and the Saints are all on pages 258-261 and the $10 is on page 248.


Very fun contest!!!

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I had a list of about 14 coins, but narrowed the ones I wanted down to these for the greatest potential...


Standing Liberty Quarters


1916 in EF40 $11,000 on page 165, Qty of 6 for $66,000

1918\7-S in EF40 $5,500 on page 166, Qty of 20 for $110,000


Barber Half


1904-S in AU50 $1,500 on page 192, Qty of 50 for $75,000


Seated Liberty Dollar


1858 in VG8 $3,000 on page 208, Qty of 51 for $153,000


Trade Dollar


1878-CC in AU50 $3,200 on page 210, Qty of 30 for $96,000


And I spent every last cent I had :ninja:

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Still working on my entry. I have about 235,000 left to spend.



Still working. I had to reload all of my MS applications so my spreedsheet was unavailable. I'll try to finish it today or tomorrow.

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Take your time Art (and everyone) You still have 3 weeks before the deadline. I will post my picks after the deadline. This is going to be fun :ninja:


Thank you to everyone playing, I am interested to see if the people who spread the money out will do better or worse then the people that purchased 1 coin.




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  • 3 weeks later...

Zach, I have to go by the redbook, Ill do the best with what we have here,

1839 Gobrecht Dollar... PF66 not listed. PF60 = $25000


1861 Confederate Cent... I couldn't find this


Another 1861 Confederate Cent... I still couldn't find this :lol:


1882 Trade Dollar... PF66 not listed PF63 = $2500


So as of now Zach you have:


1 1839 Gobrecht Dollar


1 1882 Trade Dollar


$472,500 Cash


So far I have complete entries for:









Art... I know you have an entry, Please at least post what you have so far before the 1st :ninja:


The 1st prize Silver Eagle arrived in the mail today. It is sexy!


Thanks everyone,



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22 - 1893 morgan ms 65 list $6,750 = $148,500



19 - 1895 s morgans ms 65 list $18,000 = $342,000


Just to get close


1 1894 s morgan ms 64 list $ 9,000



1 1894 s morgan au 50 list $450


For a total of $499,950

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I don't have a Red Book :ninja:


But if I did, I would probably do this since gain is the game:


2005 Silver Eagle BU (41666) $12 = $499,992*







* disclaimer: data blatantly stolen from jlueke's post!

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(2,006) 1921-D Dimes VG x $115.00 = ...............$230,690 [150]


(2,005) 2005 Silver Eagles Unc. x $12 = .............$ 24,060 [326]


(62) 1858 Seated Liberty Dollars VG x $3,000 = $186,000 [208]


(10) 1909-D St. Gaudens $20 x $525 = ............... $ 5,250 [ :ninja: ]


(6) 1894-S Morgans x $9,000 = .......................... $ 54,000 [64]


GRAND TOTAL..................................................... $500,000

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1859 - 1 @ $450 (MS-63) = $450, 2006 Redbook Hardcover page 110


1909-S VDB - 200 @ $500 (G-4) = $100,000, 2006 Redbook Hardcover page 114


1955 DDO - 100 @ $1,000 (VF-20) = $100,000, 2006 Redbook Hardcover page 117



1921-D - 444 @ $225 (G-4) = $99,900, 2006 Redbook Hardcover page 193



1913-S $20 - 363 @ $550 (AU-55) = $199,650, 2006 Redbook Hardcover page 261



Coins - 1108 coins

Price - $500,000


Hope I made it in time! Forgot to do this last night.

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Thank you to our players:








Mark Stilson





(Art if he wants to Post his before the Book comes out)


Thanks to everyone for playing, now we wait to see the results!



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