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2001 Ukraine 10 Hryven Ivan Mazepa


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925 high standard silver

Weight: 31.1

Diameter: 38.61


Rim: incised

Mintage: 5000


In circulation since February 30, 2001.


Commemorative coin of 10 Hryvnias denomination is dedicated to Ivan Mazepa (1687-1709), the Hetman of the left-bank Ukraine, a well-known public and political figure, patron of education and art, the person of hard and dramatic fate, who tried to conduct prudent but consistent policy, geared to winning of independence of Ukraine.


On the coin obverse there is the composition similar to the whole Series of coins which embodies the National idea of the Unified Ukraine: the small State Emblem of Ukraine is supported by the figures of Michael the Archistrategos and crowned lion, which are symbols of Kyiv and Lviv Cities. On the coin there are the conventionalized inscriptions: УКРАЇНА, 2001,10, ГРИВЕНЬ, the Mint logo, as well as the designation of precious metal - Ag 925 and its pure weight - 31,1.


On the coin reverse within the beads circle there is a portrait of the Hetman with a bulava (Hetman's baton); his family emblem to the right and a cathedral to the left. There are circular conventionalized inscriptions: ІВАН МАЗЕПА and 1644-1709.


Artist: Oleksander Ivakhnenko. Sculptor: Volodymyr Demianenko.

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Good day Theonna,


Welcome to coinpeople. I had to edit your post as the coinpeople forum requires you to be a forum member here and be on this forum for at least thirty days for buying / selling / trading. This is done so that others can get to know you better - unfortunately there are too much scammers, crooks out there so this is one of the ways to check. Also publishing your real name and number isn't a wise idea as they can possibly use it for bad purposes.


I've given it a check on various sources but it seems that it's not a very common coin. The National Bank of Ukraine reports that a mere 5000 coins were struck which further details can be read here http://www.bank.gov.ua/ENGL/Bank_coin/YUV_...sack/Mazepa.htm Your best chance might be to contact some of the big ebay sellers and see if they happened to have that particular coin in stock. It's going to be tough but best of luck to you.

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