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Question about toning

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I have some quarters (1965 thru 1989) in a Dansco that have turned a soft orange/gold color.

Does toning have a natural progression of color?

If I leave them in the album, will the color contine to turn and how will it progress?

If I take them out of the album, will the continue to turn?

If they are dipped in acetone, will that stop any further toning?



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Toning does have a toning progression and it sounds like yours are in the first stages......gold, blue, yellow, orange red, green, black...... basically cover the spectrum. Because your coins are clad.....they won't tone like silver coins do so in most cases it's unlikely that you will get much more that the gold toning.....but if they are in the right environment....they certainly could continue to tone into other colors. Leaving them in the album is certainly your best bet for the continued progression of the toning if that's what you desire. Depending on the album....the paper and more specifically the sulfer content in the paper is the catalyst for the toning so removing the coins from the environment will in all likely hood stop the toning reaction.


You don't need to dip the coins to stop the toning progression.....if removed from the album and placed in say 2X2's the toning is likely to stop. Contaminants could be on the surface of the coins which would lend itself to the toning so a dip in acetone should removed that, but I have seen instances where acetone actually removed some of the toning on Silver coins....but I have not experimented with clad coinage.

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Acetone will not much to toning unfortunately.


On the bright side, there are people who pay a lot more for toning, depending on the color. :ninja:

Is that "in" right now? Cause you can tone Morgans right through the slab.

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