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2001 Ukraine 5 Hryven, City of Poltava


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German silver

Weight: 16.54

Diam: 35.0


Rim: incised

Mintage: 50000


In circulation since August 15, 2001.


Jubilee coin of 5 Hryvnias denomination is dedicated to an ancient city, first mentioned in Ipatijiv chronicle under the name of Ltava. The latest archeological findings testify that the city was founded in 9th century. Under the present name the city was first mentioned in 1430. In 17th century it was granted the Magdeburg Right.


On the coin obverse within the frame of vegetable ornamentation and outline of a heraldic shield there depicted the small State Emblem of Ukraine, inscriptions: 2001, УКРАЇНА, 5, ГРИВЕНЬ and the Mint logo of the National Bank of Ukraine.


On the coin reverse in the coin upper part there is a panoramic picture of famous historic and architectural monuments of the city; in its lower - the city coat of arms within the frame of vegetable ornamentation, as well as inscriptions: ПОЛТАВА, (above) and 1100 РОКІВ (beneath).


Artist and sculptor: Volodymyr Demyanenko

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