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Has anyone ever used this before?


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Graded Coin Slabs

They look similar to the real graded coin slab.

Im thinking I could use this for SAE. Im currently using Airtite for my SAE but the round shape somewhat makes it harder to store. Just like coin tubes, I like the square ones better than the round ones.


Also, can anyone recommend a storage for quarter rolls? Currently Im using a shoe box... not strong enough and not safe for storage I guess. I put the quarter roll (orange wrapper) into a square coin tube beforehand. The lid wont close completely because the wrapper is a bit longer than the tube. Anyway, anyone else do this with their quarter rolls (roll with wrapper inside tube)? I know most ppl would say break the roll and put the quarters in the tube.

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With those prices I could start my own grading service.


Anyone want to invest???? Hahahahaaaa


Depends. Do you take off points for cleaning, holes, and rim dings? If not......I'M IN! We could make a fortune off Ebay (like some people already do).

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They aren't the sme as the Coin World or old ANACS type shells. The plastic is alighter weight and the insert insted of being a soild soft rubber type mateial is either a foamed plastic or compressed spund fiber material (I've seen both types and I don't know for sure which this is.) The resulting "slab" is noticably lighter in weight than an ANACS slab. And probably more fragile.


Several grading services do use these or a slab shell similar to them.

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