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What other coin forums do you buy from?


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Seeing as I recently came into some money that was "lost" for a few years, I'm looking to buy some things. Problem is, here and Collector's Universe don't have any.


What other forums do you buy off of?


First priority is buying here, then I'll go someplace else.

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I haven't bought off of many other forums and the ones I have, it has been a while...rcc and cu. There are many users on cointalk and rcc and cu that I would buy from...and some I wouldn't. Mostly all my ebay buys these days are from people I know from forums, though.


Some of the online sites I have bought from over the years have been telesphere.com alaskacoinexchange.com and jakesmp.net




I have had good deals with all of them.

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I guess I should have stated that before.


Yes U.S. coins mainly (but if they sell world as well that's fine).


Hiya Burks.


They are by no means cheap, but I have been very pleased with the raw coins I purchased from jjteaparty.com.


lostdutchmanrarecoins.com is also a forum member here, I recall that people have been happy with their purchases from him.

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Burks, I am not sure what you are looking to buy or spend etc., but I have bought a lot of coins from Heritage. I also like Steve Estes out of Portland, he has a terrific philosophy on the coins he sells rating them in eye appeal. I've also bought from Northeast Numismatics and John B. Hamrick. Here are a listing of their websites:







Not sure if they have what you are looking for, but at least they have a lot of great coins to look at!

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Burks, I am not sure what you are looking to buy or spend etc.,


Whatever catches my eye really. Trying to get some of those type set holes filled but if I see a Morgan I like, I'll take that too. Just looking to expand my resources.

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