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Scientists on banknotes


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Here's a list that I found somewhere in the 90's and it is obviously only a start...

Maybe some of them are not exactly scientists... feel free to correct me!



Austria 1000 Shillings (1983), Erwin Schrodinger, theoretical physicist.

Austria 50 Shillings (1986), Sigmund Freud, psycholanalist.


Brasil 50,000 cruzeiros ( ), Oswaldo Cruz


Colombia 20 pesos ( ), Caldas


Croatia 1 Dinar (1991), Ruder Boskovic, astronomer & mathematician.


East Germany 5 marks (1964), Humboldt


England 1 Pound , Sir Isaac Newton, mathematician, physicist & astonomer.

England 20 Pounds (1993), Michael Faraday, chemist & physicist.


Estonia 2 krooni (1992), K.E. von Baer


France 100 Francs 1968, P-82, Pascal

France 5 francs (1966-68), Louis Pasteur

France 500 Francs (1995), Marie and Pierre Curie, physists & chemists.


Germany 10 Marks (1993), Carl Friedrich Gauss, mathematician.

Germany 20 Reichsmarks (1929), Werner von Siemens, inventor


Greece 10,000 Drachmai (1945), Aristotle


Israel 10 lirot (1958),anonymous(?) scientist

Israel 5 Lirot (1968), Albert Einstein, physicist.


Italy 10,000 Lire (1984), Volta

Italy 2000 lira (1972), Gallileo

Italy 2000 Lire (1992), Marconi


Poland 1000 Zloti (1982), Nicolaus Copernicus, astronomer.

Poland 20000 Zloti (1989), Marie Curie, physist & chemist.


Portugal 20 escudo (1971), Garcia de Orta


Scotland 100 pounds (1972), Kelvin


Slovenia 50 tolarev ( ), Jurij Vega

Slovenia 20 tolarev ( ), Janez Vajkrd Valvaser

Slovenia 50 Tolarjev (1992), Vega


Switzerland 10 Francs, Leonhard Euler, mathematician.


US 100 Dollars ( ), Benjamin Franklin


Yugoslavia 100 Dinara (1994), Tesla

Yugoslavia 1000 Dinara (1990), Tesla

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Ruder Boskovic (on croatian banknotes) was also on the 5, 10, 25, 100, and 100,000 dinara banknotes from that same 1991 series.


Oswaldo Cruz is on the Brazilian 50 Cruzado banknote. I dont know how the Cruzado relates to the Cruzerio in denomination though.


Tesla is also in the 5000000 Dinara note from Yugoslavia.



The ones I have listed are some of the ones in my collection. I even have a couple of the ones you listed, like the Croatia 1 Dinara, the Yugoslavia 1000 dinara.


The one I have that I am not sure about is the Poland 100 Zlotych banknote. It has Ludwik Waryinski. I dont know if he is a sciensist or not...... There are others I have from other countries that are just like that, where they have people on them, but I dont know who they are, or what their profession is, so I cant list them as being scientists until I find out for sure....



KFC :ninja:

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Denmark 500kr 1997- Professor Niels Bohr, physicist and nobel prize winner


Norway 5kr 1955-63 Fritjof Nansen, explorer, scientist and diplomat also nobel prize winner in peace.

Norway 10kr 1972-84 As above

Norway 500kr 1948-76 Niels Henrik Abel, mathematician.

Norway 500kr 1978-85 As above



Portugal 100 escudos 1947-57 Pedro Nunes (1502-1578) mathematician and astronomer

Portugal 100 escudos 1961 As above.

Portugal 10 000 escudos 1989-91 Professor Egas Monis on the front , nobel prize winner in medicine, on back a picture of the actual medal.


Sweden 50kr 1965-90 Carl von Linné on back (no presentation needed I think)

Sweden 100kr 1986-2000 and 2001- also Carl von Linné but on front

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Great start! I thought I had a near complete list, but no! you can find scans of lots of scientists and mathematicians at my webpage (as linked above). The running list of notes that I am still missing is as follows:


Albania 1000 Leke (1996) Bogdani

Armenia 100 AMD (recent): Ambartsumian

Austria 50 Shillings (1986): Freud

Austria 100 Schillings (1984): von Bawerk

Austria 500 Schilling (1965): Ressel

Austria 1000 Schilling (1961): Kaplan

Belgium 1000 Francs: Mercator

Bulgaria 10 Leva (1999-present): Beron

Bulgaria 10000 Leva (1997-1999): Beron

Canada 100 Dollar (2004): Radarstat (satellite)

Colombia 20 Pesos (three issues): Caldas

Colombia 200 Peso (1983-1992, another): Bruno Mutis y Bosio

Colombia 20000 Pesos (2004): Garavito Armero

East Germany 5 Marks (1964): Humboldt

Estonia 2 Krooni (1992): von Baer

France 5 Francs (1966-1968): Pasteur

France 100 Francs (1942): Descartes

France 100 Francs (1968 P-82): Pascal

Germany 10 Deutchmark (1980): Dürer

Germany 20 Reichsmarks (1929): Siemens

Germany 50 Deutchmark (recent): Neumann

Germany 100 Marks (1935): Von Liebig

Germany 1000 Deutchmark (1977): Schöner

Greece 20 Drachma (old.): Democritus

Greece 500 Drachma (1955): Socrates

Greece 10000 Drachma (1947): Aristotle

India 2 Rupees (1983): Aryabhata (and satellite)

Italy 50000 Lire (1987, two other issues): da Vinci

Kamberra 5 (2005): Enstein

Lithuania 5 Litas (1993): Jablonskis

Lithuania 50 Litas (1928,93,98,2003): Basanavicius

Malaysia 2 Ringgit (1996): Pioneer (probe)

Norway 5 Kroner (1955-63): Nansen

Norway 10 Kroner (1972-84): Nansen

Norway 500 Kroner (1948-76): Abel

Norway 500 Kroner (1978-85): Abel

Protugal 20 Escudo (1971): Orta

Portugal 100 Escudos (1947-57): Nunes

Portugal 100 Escudos (1961): Nunes

Portugal 10000 Escudos (1989-91) Monis

Slovenia 20 Tolarjev: Valvasor

Serbia 500 Dinar (2004): Svijic

Spain 1000 Pesetas (1971, and older): Echegaray

Spain 10000 Pesetas (recent?): Juan

Sweden 50 Kroner (1965-90) Linne

Sweden 100 Kroner (1986-2001): Linne

Sweeden 500 Kroner (recent): Polhem

Tajikistan 20 Somoni (1999-2000, and older): Sina

UK Clydesdale 20 Pounds (older): Kelvin

UK Clydesdale 50 Pounds (current): Smith

UK Clydesdale 100 pounds (1972): Kelvin

UK England 10 Pounds (old): Nightingale

UK England 10 Pounds (current): Darwin

UK Northern Bank 5 Pounds (recent): US Space Shuttle

Yugoslavia 50000000 Dinar: Pupin



Hope that helps!



p.s. notes that I have already but not yet scanned (so neither on the list nor on my website) are:

Denmark 50 Kroner (old): Romer

France 50 Francs (1946): LeVerrier

Iraq 10000 Dinar (pre and post-Sadam): al-Haitham




Jake Bourjaily

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... The running list of notes that I am still missing is as follows:


  Albania 1000 Leke (1996) Bogdani

  Armenia 100 AMD (recent): Ambartsumian




Is it just the scans of these notes that are missing or the notes themselves that you do not have?

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